Words of Wisdom During a Crises from Sri Chinmoy


During a crisis such as our challenges with Coronavirus we are flooded with information, facts and opinions based on the world around us. It is rare but inspiring to hear a perspective from an inner spiritual point of view. Less than a year before passing away, Sri Chinmoy offered his words of wisdom about a natural disaster in Asia. Although these two events are not the same and require vastly different responses in the outer world, our need for inner advice on our feelings of anxiety, loss and helplessness can be very similar.

On 11 January 2005, during a function with representatives of the Red Cross, Sri Chinmoy answered a question about the tsunami that had recently devastated South Asia. Here are some excerpts from the interview:

Question: During this huge disaster, what kind of spirit would we need to face it?

Sri Chinmoy: “We need a spirit of oneness. This disaster has in a very special way helped us to bring the world together. The world of division must go. The world of oneness must come forward… The world is vast, but on the strength of our oneness, heart’s oneness, we can make each and every human being feel that we exist for the improvement of the world… Many, many people who did not previously care for the world have now brought forward their hearts. They have come together with utmost sympathy and a feeling of oneness. This world belongs to each and every human being. We exist not only for our little family, but for the big family, which is the world.”

Sri Chinmoy was also an inspiring advocate of maintaining one’s health and being disciplined in doing exercise. Below are excerpts from a talk Sri Chinmoy gave at a National Health Institute:

Man’s health
God’s Wealth.

Man’s health-perfection
God’s Heart-Satisfaction.

The body is the temple.
The soul is the shrine.

The body is the dreamer.
The soul is the fulfiller.

No health,
No journey forward,
And inward.

Man’s body-perfection
Is God’s

Man’s body-perfection
Is God’s
New creation-inspiration,
New creation-aspiration
And new creation-manifestation.

I pray to God to bless me
With a Divinity-Illumination-surcharged body,
So that I can manifest here on earth
God-Infinity’s Peace
And God-Immortality’s Bliss.

Man’s health
Is God’s Wealth.
Man’s health-perfection
Is God’s Heart-Satisfaction.

The body’s health is essential. Inside the body is the soul, our inner existence. What we need is physical fitness, not physical supremacy to defeat others and glorify ourselves. We need health, physical fitness, which is of paramount importance. When we are physically fit, we can achieve the things that we need most in our life. It is only through physical fitness that we can achieve what we desire and fulfil our lofty aspiration. Therefore, we must keep our body always fit to love God and to serve God in humanity.

– Sri Chinmoy