All events, unless otherwise noted, take place behind Jyoti-Bihanga Vegetarian Restaurant located at 3351 Adams Avenue, SD 92116, in the Mediation-Loft.

For more information on classes and events please text: 619-251-6321.

The Sri Chinmoy Centre also offers free meditation classes in other cities:

Meditation Ann Arbor, MI
Meditation Austin, TX 
Meditation Boston, MA 
Meditation Carrboro, NC
Meditation Chicago, IL 
Meditation Hialeah, FL 
Meditation Los Angeles, CA 
Meditation Manhattan, NY
Meditation Miami, FL

Meditation Minneapolis, MN 
Meditation Orlando, FL 
Meditation New York Area, NY 
Meditation Philadelphia, PA 
Meditation Phoenix, AZ
Meditation Princeton, NJ
Meditation Providence, RI 
Meditation Queens, NY

Meditation S. Francisco, CA
Meditation Santa Fe, NM 
Meditation Seattle, WA 
Meditation Tampa, FL 
Meditation Washington D.C. 
Meditation Woodstock, NY 
Meditation Woodstock, VT


More information on meditation classes can also be found at:

Jyoti-Bihanga Vegetarian Restaurant
3351 Adams Ave
San Diego, CA 92116
(619) 282-4116