In our classes, you’ll learn about spirituality, meditation, the soul, the spiritual heart, mantras, vegetarian diet, physical fitness, creativity, and the world beyond the physical senses. Most importantly, you’ll learn to access your own source of inner joy, peace, and well-being.

Our Instructors

All class instructors are experienced in meditation and practice a simple, active, healthy and self-giving spiritual lifestyle in accordance with the teachings of Sri Chinmoy. … »

3 Keys to Happiness

We’re all familiar with the practice of seeking happiness through acquisition of material possessions or through attainment of success in the “outer” world. The irony… »

How to Meditate at Work

Finding time to meditate at work can be a powerful boon to both your inner peace and outer satisfaction during the day. The poise, patience… »

Meditation with Music

Just as music has a powerful sway over our emotions and outer energy, it also has the capacity to inspire our deep meditations. Listening to… »

Stressed While Driving?

Is the freeway a Parking Lot? Travel the inner highway. Take a deep breath. Heck, take two or three! Breathe in deeply through your nose… »

Can’t Sleep at Night?

  Don’t count sheep, count your breath. Lying relaxed on your back, take your mind off the world and yourself. Just breath in on “one”… »

Meditation and Creativity

When we sit down to a blank canvas, a blank piece of paper or a silent instrument and search for inspiration to create something new… »


  A Selection of Activities Organized by the San Diego Sri Chinmoy Centre Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run visits Schools in San Diego in 2017… »