Increasing the Capacity to Meditate


Typically we aspire to increase our capacity to meditate as we begin to appreciate its benefits. At times we reach a certain height or depth in our meditations but find that our progress does not meet with our inner hunger for more light, peace and bliss.

One of the most important factors in increasing our capacity to meditate is self-transcendence in other aspects of our lives. Making improvements in our diet, health, friendships, rapport with coworkers, family relationships, and self discipline can all help increase our receptivity to peace and light in meditation. The simple act of setting and achieving small goals in one aspect of our life really does carry over to our confidence and inspiration to do the same in everything else that we do. An aphorism by Sri Chinmoy reads:

Self-transcendence means
In every way.*

In this way our outer life becomes more dynamic and focused allowing receptivity to higher energies within. Our focus and concentration increases, bringing our natural intuition to the fore and leading us to experiences that offer deeper satisfaction.

One of the best qualities to focus on and increase inwardly is gratitude. Increasing our gratitude for anything or everything in our lives also increases our oneness, purity, humility, sincerity, and awareness beyond ourselves. Sri Chinmoy writes:

In the spiritual life there is a special way to increase our capacity every day, every hour, every minute. It can be done through gratitude. When we offer our soulful gratitude to God, our capacity for receptivity immediately increases. Our receptivity is like a vessel. This vessel can be enlarged. Naturally, the larger the vessel the more it will be able to hold of God’s Light and Delight.*

Once we achieve a higher state of mediation the flood gates of progress can open wide in every aspect of our lives setting the stage once again for more receptivity to light within.

*Quotes by Sri Chinmoy from: Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees, Part 18 & My Rose Petals, Part 4