The Benefits of Group Meditation


In addition to a routine of daily meditation on your own, you will likely find that regular participation in a group meditation will help you considerably in achieving your spiritual goals.

Meditating with a group of people who have similar aspirations and beliefs can offer you a very powerful experience. There’s an intensity generated by the group that isn’t always attainable in one’s own individual meditation. It’s a similar experience to singing in a group vs. singing on your own—you can’t help but feel a heightened sense of joy and unity in the collective atmosphere.

Another reason that group meditation can enhance your spiritual practice is that this large-scale activity is typically done in an atmosphere designed specifically for the purpose—complete with candles, flowers, incense, and imagery to elevate the spirit and focus the mind.

An inevitable result of group meditation is the experience of “fellowship” or “community”—a key tenet of virtually all spiritual philosophies around the world. By spending time with other people who share your values and goals, you’re able to learn from others, share your own knowledge and experiences, and apply your spiritual inspiration to different aspects of your life: social, recreational, and more.

Ideally, group meditation should be done in addition to a regular routine of individual meditation rather than serve as a substitute for it.  These dual disciplines can quickly offer a spiritual seeker very tangible progress towards his or her spiritual aims.

Currently we are offering group meditations online. Please check our listings for updated information.