Sri Chinmoy

All of the class instructors have learned meditation directly from Sri Chinmoy. Sri Chinmoy taught all of his students free of charge and we seek to pass on that tradition to you. He taught that the fastest and most effective way to learn meditation is by focusing on the spiritual heart.

Sri Chinmoy lived at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in India for 20 years, from the age of 12 – 32, and spent up to 8 hours a day in meditation. His teachings and writings on meditation are based on actual practice and experience and not merely on theoretical book learning.

Sri Chinmoy’s life was an expression of boundless creativity. His vast output spans the domains of music, poetry, painting, literature and sports. His contributions in each of these fields have been striking and far-reaching.

Sri Chinmoy also frequently traveled throughout the world to offer free concerts, lectures and public meditations, to meet with his students, and to meet and discuss spirituality with world and community leaders.

Sri Chinmoy’s spiritual path is sometimes called ‘The Path of the Heart’. By learning to meditate on the heart you awaken your innate spiritual wisdom which embodies tremendous purity and sincerity. These two qualities are your safeguard as you begin your meditation practice. Learn more about the life and teachings of Sri Chinmoy on the Sri Chinmoy Centre website.

I meditate
So that my mind
Cannot complicate
My life.

~Sri Chinmoy



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