Our instructors

Most of our class givers have been meditating with Sri Chinmoy for over 20 years. Each class giver has their own life experiences and way of interacting that they bring to the class. Sri Chinmoy asked that the class instructors meditate themelves before each class started, so that whatever we teach in our classes comes from the inner depths of the heart and soul.

Our instructors: Mahiyan Savage • Vasudha DemingKaren KoumjianPushkara BluePapaha GoslineSalil Wilson

Mahiyan Savage

Mahiyan has taught meditation in San Diego for nearly 30 years. A graduate of UCSD with a major in Physics he was a champion tennis player who initially learned meditation in order to help his tennis game. He owned a tennis shop in La Jolla for many years.

In 1979 Mahiyan met Sri Chinmoy. Following the suggestion of Sri Chinmoy, Mahiyan opened Jyoti-Bihanga Vegetarian retaurant in San Diego in 1986.  today Jyoti-Bihanga stands as San Diego’s odest vegetarian restaurant and weekly serves thousands of people delicious and healthly vegetarian cusine.

Not one to remain idle, Mahiyan has helped to open five vegetarian eateries and has run over 100 marathons. He has traveled the world teaching meditation. He continues to teach the techniques taught to him by Sri Chinmoy over the past 30 years.

t_vasudha.jpgVasudha Deming

Vasudha has practiced daily meditation for over 30 years and has taught classes on various topics throughout that time.

As an instructor, her goal is to create an environment in which participants can experience a true sense of inner peace and self-knowledge. From there, they can build on that experience according to their own insights and personal goals.

In her professional life, Vasudha is an accomplished Instructional Designer—regularly working with businesses to improve their customer relationships and employee engagement. She has authored four books—all published by McGraw-Hill—as well as countless training programs for organizations.

She is an avid runner, race director, volunteer, and community organizer.

Papaha Gosline

papaha.jpgPapaha has studied with Sri Chinmoy since 1982. He helped build Jyoti-Bihanga vegetarian restaurant and was one of their chefs for over a dozen years. Papaha now owns a gallery and art studio that focuses on both showing spiritual contemporary art and producing commercial design. One of his favorite activities with the Sri Chinmoy Centre is producing stage design, and has worked on concerts and plays throughout the United States and abroad.

Inspired by the example of Sri Chinmoy he also lives a very athletic lifestyle teaching tennis part time, along with enjoying many other sports activities in sunny San Diego. “Learning about spirituality with Sri Chinmoy has revealed paths with heart, creativity and fulfillment in my life. Meditating and working with the Sri Chinmoy Centre has been a powerful and enlightening experience for over 25 years.”

Pushkara Blue

pushkara.jpgPushkara has studied meditation for over 35 years. His journey began in college in Long Island, New York and his spiritual adventure lead him to California in the 80’s. He teachers in a down-to-earth style that is sincere and unpretentious.

Pushkara’s classes focus on the basic building blocks of the meditation practice. He also shares from his wealth of experience having studied with Sri Chinmoy for many years. Pushkara is a prominent member of the San Diego Sri Chinmoy Centre and a key player at Jyoti-Bihanga Vegetarian Restaurant located at 3351 Adams Avenue.

Karen Koumjian 

karen132x181.jpgKaren has studied and practiced meditation since 1995 as a member of the Sri Chinmoy Meditation Centre in San Diego.  She is certified as a yoga instructor and enjoys sharing the benefits of breath and body awareness as the foundation for meditation.  Her interests in yoga and the healing arts stemmed from her love and study of the visual arts as a youth.  She has studied both traditional and complementary therapies and has been employed in medical and holistic settings. Seeking to consolidate her interests in the healing and movement arts she completed the Yoga Teacher Training at the Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga Studio in 2009.

Astika Mason

LightenedDSC_0578-150x150Astika Mason is a 40 year disciple of spiritual master Sri Chinmoy. A universalist who has practiced several spiritual traditions in both monastic and non-monastic communities, he believes the essence of personal practice is the same across all faiths. A poet, essayist and short story author, Astika is a lay contributor to the Buddhist Text Translation Society when not working on his first novel, The City of The Goddess.

Salil Wilson

SalilBorn in Australia Salil has lived in New York since 1990. He was first introduced to Sri Chinmoy in Melbourne in 1984, at the age of 19 and shortly after became a student of his. Salil moved to New York in 1990 and has been closely involved in the organization of numerous athletic and cultural events. In 2004 Sri Chinmoy asked Salil to serve as the Executive Director of the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run, a global running relay. He currently serves in this capacity.