Meditation with Music


Just as music has a powerful sway over our emotions and outer energy, it also has the capacity to inspire our deep meditations. Listening to music that was composed and performed in a high state of consciousness gives us the opportunity to aspire to that state as well. We are able to resonate, in our own unique way, inside that height of inner divinity. Sri Chinmoy writes:

Human music
Feeds the vital of mankind.
Divine music
Serves the heart of mankind.*

All creativity originates from the type of energy the artist is experiencing within. If we are cheerful than everything we create, everything we offer to the world carries that cheerfulness. When we are able to raise our consciousness and create art or music from a high, sublime and aspiring awareness of our own inner divinity, than that contribution to humanity has the capacity to manifest and inspire as well.

During our meditation it can be of great help to set aside some time to listen to music by a genuine spiritual master.  Feel what they are conveying through the medium of the music. This helps to draw a direct link to the same realm of divine inner peace that is present inside all of us. Allow the mind to experience the music without thinking about or judging it. Allow the body and vital to be at rest and flow with the harmonious expression of the performance. And most importantly allow the spiritual heart to open and dance inside the blissful reality of a creative soulful offering.

Performing spiritual songs written by a meditation master also raises our consciousness. By focusing on and becoming one with the particular expression of a soulful song while learning and singing or playing it allows a deeper identification with its divine source. When the performer adds their own inspiration they are able to multiply the spiritual manifestation of the original inspired piece in their own unique way.

The Sri Chinmoy Centre provides a great resource for music written by Sri Chinmoy and performed him or his students: And they also publish thousands of his devotional scores at: Sri Chinmoy’s music can also be purchased on iTunes as well.

*Sri Chinmoy, Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, Part 94