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Our courses combine practical exercises with advice and inspiration, enabling you to access your own inner storehouse of peace and joy.

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About us

The San Diego Sri Chinmoy Centre has been offering free meditation classes for over 30 years. Inspired by meditation teacher Sri Chinmoy, our members run several businesses in San Diego (including Jyoti-Bihanga, SD’s oldest vegetarian restaurant) and also organise many grassroots initiatives for a better world.

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About our classes

Learn the meditation techniques that Sri Chinmoy taught and his life-affirming and transformative philosophy that gave rise to his multifarious activities. These free, on-going courses are taught by his students.

You’ll learn about spirituality, meditation, the soul, spiritual teachers, vegetarian diet, mantras, physical fitness, creativity, and the world beyond the physical senses.

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What classes are happening now?

See below for a list of current classes. All our classes are free because Sri Chinmoy always offered his meditation instruction and musical-meditations at no charge.


On going Mondays 5-6 pm

Learn the basics of meditation taught by students of Sri Chinmoy. Using breathing, relaxation, visualization and other simple techniques you can experience the peace, beauty and pure dynamic energy of heart centered meditation. Join us in a nice quite focused environment to start or further your meditation practice.

Monday night classes are at 5 pm, located at the Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga Studio in North Park, 3800 30th St. San Diego, CA 92104. For more information please text or call 619-865-7480.


Beginner Meditation ClassesLEARN to MEDITATION
Three Week Workshop

Three Thursdays:
Sept 29th, Oct. 6th & 13th.
6:30 – 8 pm  FREE

• Expand your horizons
• Find peace in a chaotic world
• Kick anxiety out the door
• Solid strength of silence

The instructor, Mahiyan Savage, owns Jyoti-Bihanga Vegetarian restaurant and has  practiced mediation for over 30 years with spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy.

Thursday night classes are located at the Jyoti-Bihanga Meditation Loft in Normal Heights, 3351 Adams Ave San Diego, CA 92116. Entry to the loft is at the 2nd door down Felton Street behind the restaurant. For more information please text or call 619-949-1327.


On going Tuesdays 7:45-8:30pm

Learn meditation philosophy, mantras, guided visualization, conscious relaxation and more. All classes are designed for both beginner and advanced students of meditation and are taught by students of Sri Chinmoy. Each class has a unique approach to meditation. Come and experience the peace and power that comes through meditation!

Tuesday night classes are at 7:45 pm, located the Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga Studio in Normal Heights, 3287 Adams Ave. San Diego, CA 92116. For more information please text or call 619-865-7480.

Books on Meditation

Inspirations for Meditation

Practical applications for learning and achieving the ability to focus, meditate and contemplate.

How can we create world peace?

How can a single individual living in San Diego help the world achieve peace? It seems like a dauntless task with every contribution being so small compared to the world’s challenges and conflicts. To create lasting world peace far beyond fleeting negotiations, truces and treaties, people need to value peace in their minds and feel peace in their hearts. “There is no peace in the world today because. There is no peace in the minds of men”. ~ Secretary General U Thant of the United Nations A single heart-meditation Can create Boundless peace. ~ Sri Chinmoy, Seventy-Seven… read more »

Best places to meditate outside in San Diego

San Diego has some of the best places to meditate out in nature. San Diego also has some of the best weather for sitting and meditating on its assortment of spectacular views. The purity, beauty, vastness and harmony we can enjoy meditating in these spectacular spots around San Diego County can inspire us to rediscover our own natural balance and poise within ourselves. With over forty miles of beaches and cliffs looking out into the ocean there are some very secluded spots in San Diego to find your perfect place… read more »

San Diego—The Perfect Place to Combine Meditation and Running

Whether you live in San Diego or are just visiting, you can’t beat this place when it comes to finding a great place to run and meditate at the same time. Because of the moderate climate, any season is a good time of year for running in San Diego, This, coupled with the beautiful but varied terrain around the county, puts San Diego among the top running cities in the world. For those who like to practice “inner running” while physically churning out the miles, here are some tips… 5… read more »

3 Keys to Happiness

We’re all familiar with the practice of seeking happiness through acquisition of material possessions or through attainment of success in the “outer” world. The irony of this pursuit is that all too often, these things become obstacles to happiness. Our true self, our most natural state of being, is ever-joyful. This truth we can discover through the practice of meditation and a simple, soulful way of life. Three key practices can guide the way… “True inner joy is self-created. It does not depend on outer circumstances. A river is flowing… read more »

How to Meditate at Work

Finding time to meditate at work can be a powerful boon to both your inner peace and outer satisfaction during the day. The poise, patience and intuition in handling both negative and positive situations that comes from a practice of meditating is rewarding in many ways. A successful regular practice at your work place can be established in a few easy steps. The most important step in the beginning is to realize that taking the time; even 7 minutes of your workday to engage in a seemly non-work related activity… read more »

Meditation with Music

Just as music has a powerful sway over our emotions and outer energy, it also has the capacity to inspire our deep meditations. Listening to music that was composed and performed in a high state of consciousness gives us the opportunity to aspire to that state as well. We are able to resonate, in our own unique way, inside that height of inner divinity. Sri Chinmoy writes: Human music Feeds the vital of mankind. Divine music Serves the heart of mankind.* All creativity originates from the type of energy the… read more »

Building Your Meditation Practice

There is only one good way to get better at meditation and to receive more benefits and that is regular as well as punctual practice. There are no short cuts. Here are some tips that will help you build a daily practice into your busy life. 1. Choose a good time – first thing in the morning – where you can set aside 15 minutes to be calm and quiet. Be realistic, choose a time that you are actually going to be able to get up and give it your… read more »

The Benefits of Group Meditation

In addition to a routine of daily meditation on your own, you will likely find that regular participation in a group meditation will help you considerably in achieving your spiritual goals. Meditating with a group of people who have similar aspirations and beliefs can offer you a very powerful experience. There’s an intensity generated by the group that isn’t always attainable in one’s own individual meditation. It’s a similar experience to singing in a group vs. singing on your own—you can’t help but feel a heightened sense of joy and… read more »

Stressed While Driving?

Is the freeway a Parking Lot? Travel the inner highway. Take a deep breath. Heck, take two or three! Breathe in deeply through your nose and out through your mouth. Let each breath become gentler and gentler until you can hardly tell the difference between the in-breath and the out-breath. Just relax. Like walking barefoot at the beach, feeling the tide go in an out between your toes, pay that kind of attention to your breath and let it calm you. How powerful and peaceful the breath! How completely it… read more »

Simple “Dos and Don’ts” for Starting Meditation

When – The best time to meditate during the day is first thing in the morning, just after you get up. Make sure you set your alarm to get up 15 minutes earlier than usual. Another excellent time to practice meditation is right before bed. You will find it easier to go to sleep and you will have deeper more fulfilling rest. Duration – For beginners to start with 10 minutes is more than enough. Where – Find a spot in your living space that you can set aside for… read more »

Increasing the Capacity to Meditate

Typically we aspire to increase our capacity to meditate as we begin to appreciate its benefits. At times we reach a certain height or depth in our meditations but find that our progress does not meet with our inner hunger for more light, peace and bliss. One of the most important factors in increasing our capacity to meditate is self-transcendence in other aspects of our lives. Making improvements in our diet, health, friendships, rapport with coworkers, family relationships, and self discipline can all help increase our receptivity to peace and… read more »

A Quick Meditation Exercise for Nervousness

The experience of being nervous! We have all experienced nervousness at one time or another when facing a new or challenging endeavor.  There are any number of situations that can bring nervousness to the fore including public speaking, performing in front of a live audience, competition, meeting new people, resolving a conflict with friends or coworkers, talking to the boss, or for many simply trying something new. When approaching these situations there is some part of us that really does want to perform well and speak perfectly to accomplish our… read more »

Can’t Sleep at Night?

  Don’t count sheep, count your breath. Lying relaxed on your back, take your mind off the world and yourself. Just breath in on “one” and out on “two.” Imagine that out-breath disappearing into infinite space above. Follow it all the way to infinity and then back. Follow the in-breath as it disappears into the infinity within your own self. No thinking! Just feeling and letting go. Count up to twenty and back down to zero again. Do it twice or three times. Don’t be in a hurry, you’re not… read more »

Meditation and Creativity

When we sit down to a blank canvas, a blank piece of paper or a silent instrument and search for inspiration to create something new to offer to the world, where does that inspiration come from? Where do those truly phenomenal and aspiring works that awaken both the artist and viewer to exaltation originate? A good percentage of the time we are preoccupied with the body, the body’s vital energy, the human emotions or the practical mind. The activities and manifestations that are derived from focusing on those parts or… read more »

Learning Meditation for Stress Reduction

Stress inhibits our natural abilities to live our daily lives in a healthy, clear and peaceful manner. Stress can build up in our body mind and emotions. There are many mental techniques for relieving stress in the short term, but most have found that they do not provide lasting results. Inevitably another unique challenge comes along that cannot be addressed by repeating a mental exercise or drill. When we learn to focus and quite the mind through meditation, we uncover a spring of true, deeper inner peace that lies within… read more »

About our instructors

Our classes are given by instructors from all walks of life, some of whom have been studying meditation of Sri Chinmoy for over 30 years.

Mahiyan Savage 

Mahiyan has taught meditation in San Diego for nearly 30 years. A graduate of UCSD with a major in Physics, he was a champion tennis player who initially learned meditation in order to help his tennis game. more »


Papaha has practiced meditation for 30 years.

Sujantra McKeever

Sujantra owns the Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga Studio and has authored five books on eastern philosophy, success motivation and meditation. Over the past 20 years, he has delivered over 1,000 lectures on meditation and yoga in over 25 countries. more »

Other instructors:

As well as our native San Diegoans, we frequently invite instructors from all around the world to give talks.

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Serving the community in San Diego

As well as free meditation classes, our members run several enterprises that bring the principles of meditation into daily life, and are continually organising projects to serve the public, and to help each human being find the best within themselves.

Jyoti-Bihanga: San Diego’s oldest vegetarian restauraunt.

neatloaf300x220Jyoti-Bihanga is situated on Adams Avenue, and dedicated to providing delicious food in a tranquil atmosphere. Our staff study meditation according to Sri Chinmoy’s teachings, so if you have any questions about meditation or our classes that you would like to discuss with real live human beings, please come on in!

3351 Adams Avenue, San Diego, CA 92116
(619) 282-4116 –

Sri Chinmoy Peace Garden

Inaugurated in 2012, this park aims to provide a quiet space in one of the busiest parts of San Diego, so that the public can find a moment’s peace in the middle of a busy world.

Our weekly 2-mile races

raceSri Chinmoy felt that outer running definitely helped our inner running (i.e. meditation) by keeping the body fit and calming the emotions.

Every Saturday at 8 am, we hold an informal 2 mile race – Sri Chinmoy called them ‘Self-Transcendence Races’, because the main goal is to get joy be bettering your own capacity. The race starts and finishes at the Sri Chinmoy Peace Garden, 2520 Adams Avenue between Arizona and Hamilton, 92116. Please note: there are no races August 14th-30th. See map

Under the banner of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team also hold larger sporting events for the San Diego public – for example, the  Self-Transcendence La Jolla Swim & Run

Running for Peace

The Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run is the world’s largest torch relay for peace. The Run frequently travels through San Diego on its international route, where it visits schools, youth and community groups, and government official spreading the message that we have much more in common than what divides us. Watch this interview with Salil Wilson, the Executive Director of the Run and a frequent visitor to San Diego.